What is Variable Life Insurance?

A variable life insurance policy is a contract between you and an insurance company. It is intended to meet certain insurance needs, investment goals, and tax planning objectives.
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Are you looking for the best variable life insurance policy to protect your family?

OHANA life insurance provider offers the best life insurance policies that help the policyholders with their requirements. Our main aim is to restore lost income, provide financial security and manage offset expenses.

In case of your unfortunate death, the policy is going to provide your family including dependents with a specified amount of monetary remittance. Policyholders also receive a certain cash value depending on the amount of premium they pay, the policy’s expenses and fees along with the performance of a menu of other investments– typically mutual funds – that are offered by the policy.

How variable life insurance works

A type of life insurance is variable life insurance. Compared to other life insurances the death benefit is significantly larger in amount compared to the premiums a policyholder pays.

You will be asked to pay premiums in an account when you avail of a variable life insurance policy. In case you see that the amount of money you pay as a premium is not matching to the premium payments then don’t worry, it can be explained as the money taken out as premium payment fees. The money you pay as a premium gets invested into various investment options including mutual funds which you can choose from.

You will even have the option to redirect a certain part of your premiums to another account. Unlike mutual funds, the fixed amount will pay a set percentage of interest. Even though there is a guaranteed minimum interest rate, the provider can reset the interest rate from time to time.

The money in your account depends on the number of premiums you pay, along with the number of expenses and fees.  The amount of money you need to pay depends on the type of policy availed by you. As long as you can pay the fees and expenses of your policy, it will either be fixed or varying.

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