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Hello, I am Dr. Francisco “Kit” Tagle and I have been a licensed and practicing chiropractor in the state of California for 23 years. Being a chiropractor is one of my life’s greatest passions to help people with physical pain and being able to have them walk out the door with significant improvement to no pain at all.

I am in the stage of my life that my physical body, even though I am healthier, stronger, and leaner now compared to when I was 21, is not allowing me to continue much further as a chiropractor. Over the past year, I have found a new passion as an independent Life Insurance Agent. As a Life Agent, it will allow me to continue to help people, not only in California but across the country.

Most people don’t know the value of having a life insurance policy. People equate life insurance to death and consider it as an expense rather than protection with some savings strategies built-in. Certain life insurance policies can build a significant retirement “Tax-Free” income when that time comes.

I built my reputation as a chiropractor by being direct and honest about what is going on with your health. I will not change my approach to being your Life Insurance Agent. I will only do what is best for your current situation, health, and qualification rather than “selling” you a policy that doesn’t benefit you, my client, and now my family.

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